Events and Training Workshops

We invite reputable artists resident in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria to the creative hub to come and share their works, experiences and challenges with the artistic community in Abuja and to discuss issues surrounding growth and policy in the arts and cultural sector.

Literature review is a gathering of writers, publishers, and book lovers to share and discuss some select books. The idea is to grow a vibrant literary community for Abuja. We invite writers to share their works and also pick any work of renowned and upcoming writers of our choice to read and review.
This event holds on the fourth Friday of every month.

Artists and Tech is a program that seeks to fuse arts with new and emerging technology. It seeks to provide new types of art by using technological practices as tools. Aspiring artists collaborate with their technology counterparts to develop art works while solving existing gaps in the art infrastructure. Individuals pitch their ideas to, and seek collaborations within the artistic and technology community resulting in development/execution of new works of art. The projects developed under this alliance are then exhibited in CAVIC.

This project seeks to open discussion and learning about other professional services the artiste depends on to maximize his ability and improve productivity.
We invite professionals from various fields (law, insurance, marketing, taxation, accounting, banking, etc) to come and talk to artists on access, strategies and deliverables,particularly in areas outside their(Artists) primary field of study.

We hold regular performing arts project in our hub. We show theater, dance and poetry events. We leverage on its ability to educate, entertain, and generate discuss while proffering solutions to issues surrounding life (socially, politically, economically, ethically, etc).
The performing arts projects are used to discuss social issues plaguing the Nigeria society currently. We partner with poets, professional theatre and dance outfits resident in our hub to develop thought provoking pieces which strive to drive the narratives in a direction that entertains but educates the viewing audience.
These events holds on the second Friday of every month.

During holidays, we invite parents to bring in their wards to the creative hub, here we introduce them to various genres of arts and open them up to possible career paths existing in the arts and creative industry.

Dialogue as the center of human interaction have overtime become an essential instrument for social and policy development, alternate dispute resolution, learning, etc and has been deployed in various countries and situations to achieve maximum result in finding solutions to issues it addresses.
The dialogue project makes inquisition into various topics for purposes of clarification, learning and propagation of ideas/opinions. Leading experts and stakeholders of various industries –arts, governance, security, economics, social development, etc- are invited to lead discussions concerning their various industries. with the hope that they will stimulate learning, sharing and finding solutions where necessary.
It holds on the third Thursday of every month.
The “Dialogue” program that held on the 17th of May,2018 was a resounding success!!! with Prof.Jerry Buhari delivering an astounding key note address.The event was attended by eminent personalities and members of the diplomatic corps and supported by the PERL-ECP Program of the DFID. We had a very engaging discussion with various genres of artists contributing their take on the topic- The Creative Artist as an Agent of Social Change.Next month’s edition is likely to be bigger and more amazing,going by what we witnessed last night.Indeed the Art Narrative in Nigeria is changing and we are glad to be part of the change!!!

Once every month we invite friends of the hub to come and experiment with various form of arts , painting, crafts and dance as a form of relaxation. This project is targeted primarily to the non artistic members of the hub,providing them with an opportunity to experience the creative processes of an artist as well as provide therapeutic tendencies for relaxation and networking.

We have a fully furnished exhibition space available for rent by artists at affordable rates.

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